John Fields first visited Taos during a southwestern odyssey in 1972, while visiting relatives. Driving thru double rainbows, spending his first night in the “Tony House” of the Mable Dodge Lujan compound, and waking up to the latest recorded snowfall in the middle of June and smelling the pungent odor of Pinon, captured him. He moved to Taos in 1976 and began construction on various residential buildings, while running a small business just off the Taos Plaza. Then expanded his family with the birth of his daughter, Alicia , at the old Holy Cross Hospital in 1979. Working  various construction projects, including the startup of several small business enterprises until 1984, when John Fields General Contractor was formed. A licensed, insured, and bonded company that has served the Taos area ever since. Doing various residential projects in poured pumicecrete, adobe, SIPs, and frame in traditional architecture. Projects include additions, remodels, the construction of new residences, and renovations to century old adobe buildings. Commercial jobs such as the Martinez Hacienda, Blumenschein House, Millicent Rogers Museum, and Webb Design Studio, among others, have used John Fields General Contractor, LLC. The residences of Paul Peralta-Ramos (Millicent Rogers Museum), Henry Sauerwein (Wurlizer Foundation), Skip Miller (Kit Carson Foundation) to name a few are part of John Fields General Contractor’s client list. Whether the project is design-build or working with an architect, the client’s satisfaction is his highest priority.

Background: John Fields enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1966, and returned to civilian pursuits in 1970, an E-5. Graduating from San Diego State, University of California, in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with an emphasis in Accounting. He worked in the Auditor’s Office for the City of San Diego, California, until 1976.